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Electric charge is generally caused by dynamic friction between two surfaces (tribo-electric charges). This result in a loss of electrons for the releasing surface (positive charge) and a gain in electrons for the receiving surface (negative charge). Tribo-electric charge attracts dust particles that must not be present in applications such as clean room and semiconductor industries. Hence, Anti-static Plastics are needed as no static discharge is generated through friction.

Our Anti-static Plastics are available in the following base materials:

  • Anti-static PVC
  • Anti-static PMMA
  • Anti-static PC
  • Anti-static PE
  • Anti-static PP
  • Anti-static POM
  • Anti-static PEI
  • Anti-static PEEK
  • Anti-static PTFE
  • Anti-static PAI
  • Anti-static PA
  • Anti-static ABS
  • Anti-static PI