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ECO Plastics are thermoplastics based on renewable raw materials, therefore it is ecologically harmless and neutral in its carbon dioxide emissions. Most of these products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. On the other hand, they also exhibit good mechanical properties, high stiffness as well as good impact strength. ECO plastics are usually made from biological materials instead of petroleum and other fossil fuels, thereby rendering this group of plastics its unique feature of being self-sustainable. Some areas of application include display designing, park benches, playground equipment, gear wheels (PA6.10) and runners (PA6.10).


This product consists of polyactid acid which is obtained from renewable resources such as sugar and starch. Its main characteristics include good mechanical strength, high impact strength and biodegradable due to its content.

* Stock Shapes available: PLA-L Sheets


This Wood Plastic Compound belongs to the group of wood fibre reinforced plastics. The fibre content is approximately 70% and exhibits good mechanical strength, weatherproof characteristics compared to wood as well as antibacterial in nature.

* Stock Shapes available: WPC-30PP Rods


With origins in the PA6 family, PA6.10 is obtained from the oil of the castor oil seed and is therefore based over more than 60% on renewable resources. Its main properties include low water absorption, high dimensional stability and good chemical resistance.

* Stock Shapes available: PA6.10 Rods