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PC (PolyCarbonate)

 PC Properties

  • Very good impact resistance
  • Excellent transparency
  • Excellent weather resistance and maintains
    properties for a long time
  • Excellent heat and low temperature
    resistance between -40”ĘC to 120”ĘC
  • Light weight (less than half the weight of glass)

Product Description

PC (PolyCarbonate) combines the impact strength with a UV-resistant surface treatment on one side that protects it from weathering. Providing long-lasting clarity over a wide range of weather conditions and environments, polycarbonate improves service life and reduces life-cycle material costs. At the same time, polycarbonate is easily worked, moulded and thermo-foamed. Polycarbonate possesses electrical, mechanical, physical, optical and thermal properties that provide comprehensive solutions for the wide variety of applications.

Stock Shapes Colour Range Standard Sizes
PC Sheet Clear/Black/Green/
Thickness: 0.5mm - 100mm 1220mm W x 2440mm L
500mm W x 3000mm L
PC Rod Clear/Black Diameter: 10mm - 200mm 1000mm L
2000mm L
3000mm L
*Grades available: PC-ELS, PC-GF