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 SBR Properties

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Resistant to ageing and temperature
  • Good resistance to many inorganic
    chemical products
  • Resistant to chemicals and organic acids
  • Excellent impact strength and tensile strength

Product Description

Styrene-butadiene rubber or more commonly referred to as SBR, describe families of synthetic rubbers derived from styrene and butadiene. Exceeding all other synthetic rubbers in consumption, these materials have good abrasion resistance and good aging stability when protected by additives. As a result it is commonly used in the mining industry and in industrial environments subject to high abrasion where materials guaranteeing a long working life and optimum efficiency are required. SBR is also a good replacement for natural rubber.

Stock Shapes Colour Range Standard Sizes
SBR Sheet Black Thickness: 1.5mm - 25mm 1000mm W x 5m L
1000mm W x 10m L
*Other Stock Shapes available: SBR Tubings, SBR Cords